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Photographs exhibited at Jinny's Sushi in Bern, Switzerland. Pictures are changed roughly every quarter. All pictures have a relationship to Korea, the home country of Jinny (and my wife).
061120 Nationalfriedhof 55_DSC5527111011 Kim YoungGap-O'Sulloc 007090116 Bukchon-dong 022090116 Bukchon-dong 088090117 Gyeongbokgung 103060501 Bongeunsa YA 05-Edit-2070423 Namsan 038100405 Jejudo I 038Temple gables and mountain peaksLand of the oreumOn the oreum061001 Gyeongbokgung 11061028 Besuch Berna 23_DSC2621_DSC5309_DSC5404111020 Paläste 1682006_08_04 Yangchaejeon 12060928 Seoraksan Familie 33